IMPORTANT: No longer maintained

JetS3t is no longer maintained here. Please see the fork by Paul Gregoire (aka Mondain) at

About JetS3t

JetS3t (pronounced "jet-set") is a free, open-source Java toolkit and application suite for Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon CloudFront content delivery network, and Google Storage for Developers.

The JetS3t toolkit provides Java programmers with a powerful yet simple API for interacting with storage servicecs and managing data stored there. There are also five applications included in the JetS3t suite.

Applications for using your own online storage accounts:

  • Cockpit An easy-to-use graphical application for transferring files, viewing and managing the contents of an Amazon S3 or Google Storage account.
  • Synchronize A command-line application for synchronizing directories on your computer with an Amazon S3 or Google Storage account. Ideal for performing back-ups or synchronizing files between different computers.

Applications for service providers to offer mediated access to their S3 account:

  • Gatekeeper A servlet that acts as an authorization service running on a Service Provider's server to mediate access to S3 accounts. It processes requests from client applications such as JetS3t Uploader & CockpitLite, and authorizes the client application to perform operations such as uploads, downloads and deletes.
  • CockpitLite A graphical application that Service Providers with S3 accounts may provide to clients or customers without S3 accounts. CockpitLite allows users to manage the content of an S3 account to upload files, download files, delete S3 objects and make objects publicly accessible. All these operations are mediated by a Gatekeeper service.
  • Uploader A graphical application that Service Providers with S3 accounts may provide to clients or customers without S3 accounts. Uploader allows users to upload files to S3 using a simple wizard-based workflow, but all uploads must first be authorized by a Gatekeeper service.

These applications are built using the JetS3t toolkit, but you do not need to be a Java programmer to use them.

What JetS3t Isn't

The JetS3t toolkit and application suite is focused solely on Amazon's S3 and CloudFront, and Google Storage - we handle data storage and distribution, nothing else. There are a range of services available beyond these, including Amazon's EC2 for on-demand computing resources and SQS for distributed messaging. To use these two powerful services with Java we recommend the open-source typica project which is both reliable and performs in real-world use.

Using JetS3t

To use JetS3t you need an Amazon S3 and/or an Google Storage account to gain access to the cheap and plentiful storage space that makes these services so attractive. You can read more about the services and prices at the Amazon S3 and Google Storage for Developers home pages.

Once you have an account with one of these providers you can:

  • Download the whole JetS3t suite from the Downloads page, or
  • Use the convenient online application versions of Cockpit and Uploader available via the Applications page

Please explore this website to find application manuals and code guides, and refer to the Support page to find out how to receive more help from the development community.

Get The Code

The JetS3t project codebase, releases and developer resources are hosted on


JetS3t is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

This license means JetS3t is free for commercial or non-commercial use, and may be modified and/or redistributed as needed.


The JetS3t project has been generously supported with sponsorship from the following organisations. This support helps us make improvements and additions more quickly than would otherwise be possible, and lets us know we're wanted. Thanks very much!

Moving Image Research
Moving Image Research (MIR) is a technology company with deep roots in media science offering software, network services, and consulting.