IMPORTANT: No longer maintained

JetS3t is no longer maintained here. Please see the fork by Paul Gregoire (aka Mondain) at

JetS3t Help & Support


The best place for JetS3t users to ask questions about JetS3t and receive advice is in the JetS3t Users Google Groups forum:
JetS3t Users


For Java developers the BitBucket site offers a range of resources:

NOTE: JetS3t development moved to BitBucket in February 2010, and from this time the older developer site on is no longer updated or maintained.

Amazon S3

For general S3-related discussion forums, technical resources and code samples the following sites are invaluable:

In the last resort...

If you have already read through the available documentation and checked the forums but have not found an answer, or if you would like more detailed information about JetS3t and only a direct contact will do, you can reach James the project owner and developer-in-chief at:
jamurty [at]

I will do my best to respond quickly to emails and support requests, though the level of support I can provide will depend on how much time I have available.