IMPORTANT: No longer maintained

JetS3t is no longer maintained here. Please see the fork by Paul Gregoire (aka Mondain) at

JetS3t Toolkit

The JetS3t toolkit provides Java programmers with a powerful yet simple API for interacting with storage services to manage the data you store and distribute through them.


Some of the key features of the toolkit include:

  • Free! With open-source licensing
  • Easy to use
  • Services handle all the tedious "plumbing", error retries etc. so you don't have to
  • Includes support for multi-threaded uploads/downloads with callbacks for monitoring progress
  • Used as the basis of all the applications in the JetS3t suite, so it has been written with application development in mind
  • Extensible service interface.

Programmer Guide

The Programmer Guide provides instructions and code samples to help programmers get started using the JetS3t toolkit.

Code Samples

The Code Samples document provides examples of code you would use to perform common tasks with JetS3t.

Configuration Guide

The Configuration Guide details the configuration options for the JetS3t toolkit, which are set using properties files.

API Documentation

The API documentation of the current codebase is available as JavaDoc online.

Note: This documentation may be updated after a particular release and may no longer accurately reflect the features or capabilities of older releases. Developers who are not using the current JetS3t codebase distribution available from the Downloads page should refer to the documentation provided with their release in the docs/api directory.

Development home

The JetS3t project codebase, releases and other developer resources are hosted on BitBucket at Please visit this site to obtain the latest code, log bugs or issues, and to participate in the project.


It would not have been possible to create JetS3t without the huge range of fantastic open-source software available, and the support of the developers and users of this software. The following is a list of the main libraries and resources used by JetS3t - thanks to everyone involved in producing these libraries, and the many libraries these depend on.

Library URL
HttpComponents (HttpClient, HttpCore)
Bare Bones Browser Launcher
Nuvola Icon Library
Apache Axis 1.4
Bouncy Castle Crypto APIs
Java XMLBuilder