IMPORTANT: No longer maintained

JetS3t is no longer maintained here. Please see the fork by Paul Gregoire (aka Mondain) at

Programmer Guide

This document will help Java developers get up and running with the JetS3t toolkit.

Sample code fragments are available in the Code Samples.


Set-up your project

Required libraries

To use JetS3t you must add supporting libraries in the libs directory to your classpath. A list of the main supporting libraries is on the Toolkit page

REST/HTTP Service Implementations

JetS3t includes REST/HTTP service implementations based on HttpClient 4

  • Amazon S3 service -
  • Google Storage for Developers -

Note: If you would prefer to use your own favourite HTTP or SOAP library, you can write your own service implementation based on the classes org.jets3t.service.StorageService.


The JetS3t toolkit uses Commons Logging. To configure the information logged by the toolkit, you must include a file in the classpath.

For example, to configure Commons Logging to use the Log4j logging library, add the Log4j library and configuration file to the classpath and use the following line in the Commons Logging config file: